A Step-by-Step Tutorial to Composing Successful Essay Contest Entries

A Step-by-Step Tutorial to Composing Winning Essay Contest Entries

Read the Essay Contest Rules

The incredibly first thing that you just need to do to assist yourself earn essay contests would be to study the foundations extensively. Overlooking just one small detail might be the main difference among profitable the competition and losing a perfectly fantastic essay. Pay out particular consideration towards the begin and shutting dates, the entry frequency, and any essay necessities like phrase or character rely, the contest’s topic, and every other details the sponsor necessitates. It might make it easier to to print out the sweepstakes regulations and emphasize the key factors, or to jot down down notes and preserve them shut at hand. For those who summarize the pertinent guidelines inside of a checklist, you’ll be able to very easily look at the requirements off when you’ve got finished your essay to make sure you haven’t neglected everything.

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Baby Crying Reasons and Advice

For a new parent, trying to dissern the reason behind your babies crying can be stressful, worrying and leave you feeling guilty or incapable. The truth is, it takes time to get to know your baby, and time for your baby to get to know you. A lot of people talk about learning from your babies cries..but first you need to know which cry is for what! Below are some of the reasons why babies cry. Work through each one, it will help you begin to recognise your babies different cries.


1. The main reason a newborn baby cries is hunger. It can be difficult to establish if your baby is hungry, as it can take a while for your bay to settle into a steady feeding pattern, especially with regular growth spurts making them hungrier. Some new babies like to feed every two hours, others may be happy to go four, but by presuming your new baby is hungry and offering a feed, you should slowly begin to get an idea of when your baby may be hungry. The chances are, if your baby only takes an ounce before fussing and crying, or only breastfeeds for a few minutes, its not really hunger, but perhaps one of the other reasons below. Read more »

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What is in breast milk and how does it prevent babies from getting sick? Is breast milk healthier than cow’s milk and infant formula?


What nutrients are found in breast milk?

It’s a  well established fact that breast milk is the perfect food for newborn babies.

Not only does breast milk have all the nutrients young babies needs, but it also matches their needs in exact proportions.

This includes sugars, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

The nutrient most lacking in breast milk is iron. However, at birth healthy newborns do have enough iron stored in their body system to last theim until they turn eight months old.

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Ear infection

Ear infection is the second most common illness in babies under two years old, after the common cold.

Ear infections are in fact often connected to the common cold since cold often results in an ear infection in young babies.


What causes the infection

Like most infections ear infection is caused by a bacteria or a virus. The area that gets infected is behind the eardrum, fluids build up and that often results in an infections.

The normal process the body uses to get rid of the fluid that builds up is through the eustachian tube that connects the middle ear to the back of the nose and throat. When the eustachian tube gets blocked which can easily happen if you are suffering from a cold or even allergies the fluid has no way out.

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Is it safe to diet & lose weight while breastfeeding?


In general breastfeeding mothers should never consume less than 1500 kcal. per day. Otherwise it can have negative affect on milk production.

Women who excluisvely breastfeed their baby often lose weight faster after pregnancy than women who need or decide to bottle feed.

Sometimes weight loss even seems to occur without any effort from the breastfeeding the mother.

It varies for how long this period of weight loss does extend to, but often the mother loses weight fastest in the first three months after giving birth.

This depends on how much weight the mother gained during pregnancy and her physical condition before getting pregnant.


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When do babies start to walk


When do babies start to walk?


Baby holding head

Like with all things developmental there are hardly any fixed time frames when answering this question. Babies are as diverse as they are many.

Walking is certainly an important motor skill. When babies take their first steps and actually start to walk varies a lot.

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Hello World!

This is my first WordPress post…

Light drinking during pregnancy affects IQ in children


For several decades, consuming alcohol during pregnancy was considered a no-no. Many neurological studies on young children whose mothers were heavy drinkers helped derive a  set of developmental and behavioral impairments known as fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).

Mothers who are borderline alcoholic or worse often give birth to FAS children, who are impaired with learning disabilities, decision making disabilities, growth and sociability impairments, and sometimes with an IQ that falls into the retarded range.

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Acupuncture and moxibustion greatly improve chances of pregnancy when IVF has failed: Study

Most NaturalNews readers have anywhere from a vague understanding to a first-hand experience of acupuncture. But moxibustion needs to be explained a little.

With moxibustion, heat is applied to acupuncture points instead of needles. The purpose is to move Qi or chi as needle stimulations do, but also to remove cold from one’s system. More details are available from source (1) below.

In vitro fertilization is codified as IVF. In vitro refers to lab glass containers, usually petri dishes; in vivo is a reference to live whole organisms, from rats to humans.

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