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Baby Crying Reasons and Advice

For a new parent, trying to dissern the reason behind your babies crying can be stressful, worrying and leave you feeling guilty or incapable. The truth is, it takes time to get to know your baby, and time for your baby to get to know you. A lot of people talk about learning from your babies cries..but first you need to know which cry is for what! Below are some of the reasons why babies cry. Work through each one, it will help you begin to recognise your babies different cries.


1. The main reason a newborn baby cries is hunger. It can be difficult to establish if your baby is hungry, as it can take a while for your bay to settle into a steady feeding pattern, especially with regular growth spurts making them hungrier. Some new babies like to feed every two hours, others may be happy to go four, but by presuming your new baby is hungry and offering a feed, you should slowly begin to get an idea of when your baby may be hungry. The chances are, if your baby only takes an ounce before fussing and crying, or only breastfeeds for a few minutes, its not really hunger, but perhaps one of the other reasons below. Read more »