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Ear infection

Ear infection is the second most common illness in babies under two years old, after the common cold.

Ear infections are in fact often connected to the common cold since cold often results in an ear infection in young babies.


What causes the infection

Like most infections ear infection is caused by a bacteria or a virus. The area that gets infected is behind the eardrum, fluids build up and that often results in an infections.

The normal process the body uses to get rid of the fluid that builds up is through the eustachian tube that connects the middle ear to the back of the nose and throat. When the eustachian tube gets blocked which can easily happen if you are suffering from a cold or even allergies the fluid has no way out.

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Is it safe to diet & lose weight while breastfeeding?


In general breastfeeding mothers should never consume less than 1500 kcal. per day. Otherwise it can have negative affect on milk production.

Women who excluisvely breastfeed their baby often lose weight faster after pregnancy than women who need or decide to bottle feed.

Sometimes weight loss even seems to occur without any effort from the breastfeeding the mother.

It varies for how long this period of weight loss does extend to, but often the mother loses weight fastest in the first three months after giving birth.

This depends on how much weight the mother gained during pregnancy and her physical condition before getting pregnant.


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When do babies start to walk


When do babies start to walk?


Baby holding head

Like with all things developmental there are hardly any fixed time frames when answering this question. Babies are as diverse as they are many.

Walking is certainly an important motor skill. When babies take their first steps and actually start to walk varies a lot.

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