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Placement tests assist us evaluate which college courses you really need to just just simply take throughout the year that is first of studies at Northeastern.

It’s essential that you recognize the positioning test parts and just why you need to use the tests.

It’s also essential to apply, practice, practice before you are taking the tests. When you simply take the test, it is possible to interpret your test ratings to see which courses you’ll just take through your very first 12 months.

Northeastern’s positioning evaluating consists of two tests: English ( writing and reading) and math – for a complete of three sections. Click the tab “More in regards to the Test” for further details.

In regards to the Test

By exercising for the English and math positioning tests, you raise your odds of getting into higher-level English and mathematics courses through your very first 12 months at Northeastern. This is useful both in money and time, as you’ll be advancing in your studies early in the day and saving tuition bucks on the way.

Northeastern makes use of the school Board, a mission-driven, not-for-profit company that links pupils to university success and opportunity, for the training tests and test planning.

The school Board’s Accuplacer is exactly what Northeastern makes use of to manage the positioning tests in:

  • Composing
    • Writing (25 choice that is multiple)
    • WritePlacer (essay)
  • Math
    • Quantitative thinking, Algebra, and data (20 choice that is multiple)
    • Advanced Algebra and procedures (20 multiple choice concerns) (offered just with a rating 250 or maybe more in the Quantitative test that is reasoning
  • Reading (20 choice that is multiple)

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