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This rubric is developed for a specific assignment that is writing.

  • Labels for quantities of success are descriptive (“Expert” “Proficient”, etc.); by avoiding the use of letters grades that are representing numbers representing points, there is absolutely no implied contract that qualities regarding the paper will “add up” to a specified score or grade or that most dimensions are of equal grading value.
  • The paper demonstrates that the author fully understands and has applied concepts learned when you look at the course. Concepts are integrated into the writer’s insights that are own. The writer provides concluding remarks that show analysis and synthesis of ideas.

    The paper demonstrates that the writer, when it comes to part that is most, understands and it has applied concepts learned in the course. A few of the conclusions, however, are not supported into the body of this paper.

    The paper demonstrates that the author, to a certain extent, understands and it has applied concepts learned within the course.

    The paper will not demonstrate that the writer has fully applied and understood concepts learned into the course.

    Topic focus

    This issue is focused narrowly enough for the scope of this assignment. A thesis statement provides direction for the paper, either by statement of a position or hypothesis.

    This issue is concentrated but lacks direction. Read more »