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West Virginia – Wage Payment Laws. Frequency of Wage Re Re Payments

An company must spend workers at least one time every fourteen days, unless otherwise decided to because of the boss additionally the worker. If a worker is missing from their regular host to work and doesn’t get their wages, the boss need to pay the wages due upon need in the spot where his / her wages usually are compensated. Western Virginia Code 21-5-3

Method of Wage Re Re Payments

An boss may spend wages by:

  • money;
  • check redeemable at face value without fee or deduction;
  • deposit into an employee’s payroll card account in a federally insured depository institution. A “payroll card account” is a merchant account in a bank that is straight or indirectly founded through a manager also to which electronic investment transfers regarding the employee’s wages or other payment are designed on a basis that is recurring. “Payroll card” means a card, rule or combination thereof or other method of use of an employee’s payroll card account, in which the worker may start electronic fund transfers or make use of payroll card in order to make purchases or re payments. A worker must consent written down become compensated by payroll card.
  • direct deposit or any way of depositing straight away available funds in an employee’s account in a bank, credit union or cost cost cost savings and loan organization. Read more »