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Offered KEF’s track record we’dn’t be astonished if improvements are quickly meant to the Award-winning Muo, but at as soon as it is dropping along the table as other brands discharge more recent services and products

Most readily useful portable cordless speaker ВЈ200+, Awards 2015. Award-winner continues to be a great performer, but competitors have actually raised the bar Tested at ВЈ300

With What Hi-Fi? 14 September 2016

Our Verdict

In 2008, KEF established the high-end Muon speakers. They certainly were restricted version aluminium towers, sculpted by commercial designer Ross Lovegrove, and additionally they cost ВЈ140,000 per set. Yikes!

Fortunately, their pint-sized descendant, our Award winner as of this cost part of 2015, will be a lot more available. A £300 portable wireless speaker so it’s from high-end to bookend for the KEF Muo.


The Muo could be cheaper than its general, however the premium pedigree is straight away obvious. Lovegrove hasn’t strayed far from the original Muon design and so the external shell is mainly aluminium, which KEF claims is inert and well suited for eliminating unwelcome vibrations. Read more »