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Ridesharing gone wrong: Gay Uber horror tales you’ll be did that is glad occur to your

Ridesharing solutions have actually revolutionized how exactly we drive, making it simpler for people to obtain from Point the to aim B, and supplying motorists with a method to make only a little more income. But once in a while, things go wrong.

It?“Do you wish to touch” 27-year-old Christopher Wayne Jensen presumably asked the horrified male driver, whom quickly stopped and insisted he leave automobile.

Jensen turned himself in to police after learning there was clearly a warrant out for their arrest. He told the Iowa City Press-Citizen this week which he has simply no recollection regarding the event.

He said, “but I’m sure what sort of individual i will be, and wouldn’t do something similar to this.“ we drank greatly and remember almost no from that night,””

Jensen thinks his Uber driver is lying, he was too trashed to actually remember though he admits. But he’s scarcely the very first individual to be accused of behaving poorly when using the application.

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The backseat blowie

Whenever Matthew Martson requested an Uber in Orlando final thirty days, their driver reacted by providing him a totally free ride… with one pretty big caveat.

“Hey, I’ll provide you with a totally free trip me(commit a sexual act),” he texted if you let.

Martson had been mortified and quickly canceled the trip, simply to be hit having a charge through the trip app that is sharing.

“I happened to be shocked,” he told his news that is local place. “It felt uncomfortable.”

Martson ultimately contacted Uber and was refunded their $5. Meanwhile, the motorist keeps a perfect 5-star rating.

He should be good.

The “fatal” driving while intoxicated crash that never ever occurred

In April, RuPaul’s Drag Race period 8 queen Robbie Turner (aka Jeremy Baird) reported he had been tangled up in a dui accident that triggered their Uber driver being killed. Read more »