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Just keep in mind that this is a very difficult game and the touch controls may not be accurate enough for some players. Oh, and if you enjoyed this one, you will also want to check out its sequelGhouls’n Ghosts MOBILE. This monitor is huge and beautiful in this cabinet with our custom bezel. The black effect on the sides is nice too because not all games have the same resolution, so most of the time the sides of the monitor are dark depending on the native resolution of the game.

Samurai Showdown II is hands-down my favorite arcade fighting game. As a kid, a friend and I would have one of our mothers drive us 40 minutes to a mall that had the game playable on a big screen monintor.

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The game’s controls have been adapted to touchscreens, and work well. The game offers the original graphics, but you can also choose to play in HD, thanks to a new graphics mode for modern devices. All in all, this is a quality port that also brings a few new things to the table, and so if you enjoy classic point and click adventure games, Simon the Sorcerer is a quality choice.

With all the holes in the right spots now we can add the components. Our amplifier mounts perfectly and the Lexan sheet holds it securely if we did it right. The archive should be about 40GB in size and should take a fair amount of time to download. Everyone who has access to this post is probably aware of virus scanners.

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There are a few animated cinematics scattered throughout its gameplay, and its use of pre-rendered backgrounds allows for a very detailed game that still looks great today. So if you are looking for one of the best shoot website ‘em ups ever made, this is most definitely a top contender. Capcomhas released quite a few classic games in the last few years on the Play Store.Ghost ‘n Goblins Mobileis probably one of the more recognizable titles out of the bunch. It most definitely is an improvement over theearlier Mega Man ports, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any framerate issues.

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This was a special treat for us as our closest mall had a horrible arcade. This is why I still to this day love playing a few rounds in Samurai Showdown II. For me, it is one of the best fighters ever made, and now you can play it on your phone with ease. The only problem I have with this port is that it doesn’t support online play, which is a bit of a bummer.

SNK’s Blazing Star was for its time one of the best looking 2D sidescrolling shooters for the Neo Geo gaming system. It is a direct sequel to Pulstar, which was itself a close cousin to R-Type.