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8 Tips to Enhance Your GPU Speed After Updating Drivers

I used Tip #4 with a couple modifications that might help others to know about. I am on a Windows 10 laptop with a second monitor connected in Extended Display mode. It didn’t occur to me by changing the screen resolution. Brilliant … I always had 2 screen @ work but during the lockdown I have to settle for laptop screen only from home. Hold “Shift” and right-click on the program icon in the taskbar, then choose “Maximize“. Sometimes a single app will get stuck in a state where it cannot redraw onto the Window.

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  • It has some controls for simple device functions such as switching to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, defining quiet hours, or switching to tablet mode.
  • Select the Add or remove quick actions text link in the right pane.
  • If the speech bubble icon is empty, there are no notifications waiting for you.
  • If the bubble has a tiny quarter moon on the bottom right, it means you have Quiet hours turned on.
  • If the speech bubble has three lines in it that look like text, it means there is a notification waiting.

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Key presses that activate StickyKeys, FilterKeys, and ToggleKeys are normally directed to the local computer. Hotkey combination not configured to passthrough from the client workstation to the active Citrix session window. On Linux there are no required settings that need to be changed to allow this behavior. With the latest releases of Workspace App for Windows, no changes on the endpoint are required. Hitting "Alt+Tab" on the endpoint within a windowed Citrix Desktop session. I tried all of the above techniques and the application would close if I tried to click on it.

Some times it works as Windows has always worked. Is it possible without third party software to disable ALT+TAB within Windows 10? Possibly though PowerShell or through the registry? I was able to turn off HotKeys and such, but cannot find a way to disable ALT+TAB. During her spare time, she likes to spend time reading, watching videos, and sitting on her Yoga mat to relax.

How to bring back the old 'Alt + Tab' experience on Windows 10

The fix was disconnect the second monitor and restart the app. Fix 2 worked for me for inkscape on a acer Aspire E 15 Windows 10. I’m using Win 10 and the problem is the sub sub dialog box in a scanning app disappears when I go and use another app .

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