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Do i need to spend a debt that is old? In case a debt collector has expected you to definitely spend a debt

Business collection agencies – Old Debts

that is more than six yrs old (or 36 months into the north Territory) it is essential to learn your legal rights.


May very well not need to pay a debt that is old you made your last re re payment significantly more than 6 years back (or 36 months ago within the north Territory). This might be known as a statute banned debt. In cases where a financial obligation is statute banned this means you’ve got a defence if somebody commences appropriate action against you to definitely recover your debt.

How to handle it in the event that you owe your debt

May be the financial obligation statute banned?

  • You’ve got maybe perhaps not produced re re payment
  • You’ve got not recognized your debt written down
  • No court judgment was entered against your

Various rules submit an application for financial obligation guaranteed by a home loan over genuine home (for instance, a true mortgage loan). Read more »