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Campgrounds Near Las Vegas, Nevada together with Hoover Dam. Travel Tips

Travel Tips

When you wish to flake out from the nightlife, nearby try camping. (Picture: Thinkstock Images/Comstock/Getty Photos )

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At 726 legs high, Hoover Dam, with 6.6 million a great deal of concrete and 45 million pounds of strengthened metal, is an engineering marvel. The dam ended up being built during the early century that is 20th harness the power of the Colorado River and convert it into electricity for the surrounding areas, while supplying irrigation to 2 million acres into the developing Southwest. Building the Hoover Dam created Lake Mead, that will be visited by a lot more than 7 million individuals on a yearly basis. Simply 35 kilometers to your western may be the desert metropolis of Las vegas, nevada. The casino that is first integrated Las Las Vegas during the early 1940s, therefore the Las Vegas Strip remains a mecca of gambling, vice and activity. Read more »