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Rumbelle Smut Fanfiction. Fanfiction where a foursome or threesome() is involved

Fanfiction in which a foursome or threesome() is included

Overview: Gold licked their lips; it could barely function as very first time he’d kissed one other guy, though it absolutely was his assumption that Jefferson didn’t require them any longer, given that he’d Alice right back. It absolutely wasn’t their desires that mattered, though. He switched from Jefferson to check out Belle. It turned out her, months ago, which had led Jefferson for their sleep. He had been theirs, she’d insisted, to manage, and look after they did.

Kinks involved: BDSM, dental intercourse

Disobedience by LadybookwormwithTeeth

Overview: As a rule, her Master does not prefer to share. By having an exceptions that are few.

Kinks included: BDSM, dental intercourse, voyeurism, and forced orgasm

**Fours Company by worryinglyinnocent

Overview: Rushbelle squared foursome. In this world, Belle remained behind with Rush in ‘Twin Destinies’ so now there are two main Rushes and two Belles running around on Destiny.

Overview: After the Darkness ended up being free of the dagger, it took the proper execution of Imp! Rumplestiltskin. As soon as their miracle had been included, Mr. And Mrs. Gold had been the choice that is obvious keep close track of him. Coping with the spitting image of her spouse, they first met, has been giving Belle some unusual ideas as he was when…

Love is Threefold by dreams_love_magic

Magic Quantity by rumpleswagskin

Summary: Belle has a… idea to create to Rumple, when it comes to their closeness. Read more »