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Big role for little airstrip in tasmanias north west Queensland (7 years)

Big role for little airstrip in tasmanias north west Queensland (7 years)

$23M project, covering three years in total – $22M through state and Federal government, $8M from Federal Government, $15M from private enterprise.

$45M of Federal Government funding through the Land and Environment Conservation Fund (LESF) to make the runway. The cost was paid for by former prime minister Paul Keating’s Labor government and is expected to take about a 예스 카지노decade.

A $10M Australian Energy Commission (AEC) grant to build a test track and an emergency fuel injection system.

$16M of funding to build an additional runway from the runway at Gizoot to the coast. An additional $20M will go to the Government of Western Australia for emergency fuel injection assistance at the Lelu Island Airport로투스 홀짝. The $14.8 million project was the first in the world to be funded by AEC. The third runway was funded as part of the AEC-led Australian Airports System expansion.

The $9.5 million Lelu Island Airport Road Rehabilitation project

$2.4M from the AEC

$2.6M from the State Government

$1.3M from the AEC-led $25M project to the State Government and $1.5M from the State Government-led $10M grant.

New infrastructure to improve runway performance and reduce noise and vibration.

$40,000 to $50,000 of infrastructure funding for Lelu Island Airport runway improvements.

$300,000 to $450,000 of infrastructure support to improve the runway conditions and performance of the airport.

$300,000 of funding for an engineering review of the airport

About 1,300 public and private sector participants (up to 75 per cent of all federal and state government funded infrastructure projects) participated in the project, including airlines, local businesses, local communities and environmental group광주안마s.

The total project cost of $45M was divided between the AEC, ASF and Land and Environment Conservation Fund.

The project was approved by Federal Parliament in 2014 but had not gone through the Parliamentary processes required to proceed in a state and federal parliament.

In May 2013, the Minister for Infrastructure, Tourism and Regional Development, Ian Macfarlane, announced that the next project was expected to begin within 18 months. The Government has not specified a timeframe for any additional projects planned following this but the decision was seen as ke