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Wilmar slammed for workers rights abuses

Wilmar slammed for workers rights abuses

Ferrari says more than 800 jobs will be lost with 1,000 lost in the UK as the Italian automaker responds to UK government cuts.

A report commissioned by the firm said “no significant reductions in current manufacturing jobs are available for those workers to move to other European countries” because the UK’s low pay tax rate makes it too expensive for companies to move their facilities overseas.

The firm was criticised after an interview with a former worker that detailed workers being given inadequate shifts, being forced to work long hours, and being stripped of their benefits.

Ferrari said the workers are now back on the job to do customer deliveries with a team led by Roberto Baggio and that it has begun “a thorough investigation into the circumstances that have led to the situation”.

It added that: “Ferrari is taking an active role with the government and with the union and has initiated all the necessary procedures to strengthen the employment rights of our Italian workforce in Europe.”

It is understood that the decision to take on the job was taken last July, but not until September.

There has been significant political unrest in Italy and over the last year there have been 카지노 게임calls for the country to withdraw from the EU with other countries such as Romania and Hungary looking at the UK route out of the bloc.

In an interview published in February, an unemployed worker who was sacked told how his job in order to provide for his family had cost him £100 a week.

After having paid for the first fortnight’s rent, he was told to bring money with him to return to work because he didn’t have the in광주출장마사지come from the contract and he could not be offered the money back in due course.

The man was later sacked for his alleged “incompetence”, he told an Italian newspaper. “They sacked him because they thought he was not capable of managing the situation,” the newspaper quoted him as saying.

Ferrari is also believed to be considering a contract with Siemens that would have seen it join the French firm, which has struggled with a lack of demand in its domestic market.

The company has been under pressure toSM 카지노 slash costs following the fall in sterling but the Government’s decision to bring in extra borrowing in a surprise bid for international investment also has prompted it to consider the option of pulling out from the single market.