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Court clears way for drink driving cases against former Toronto police officers

Court clears way for drink driving cases against former Toronto police officers

Former Toronto police officer Craig Wright was found not guilty on Friday of a charge of impaired driving, but could face 10 years in jail for other charges

A federal judge has dismissed charges against former Toronto police officer Craig Wright for drunk driving.

The judge had heard that Wright was drunk when he crashed his vehicle into the back of a car earlier this year.

The judge gave no reasons for ruling against the officer’s drunken driving conviction, but said that he cannot do so.

Wright pleaded guilty to one of the charges of impaired driving and admitted to operating his vehicle while impaired.

The court heard that when the case came up, Wright began to struggle with the car he was in.

“He lost control of his vehicle, swerved in a direction parallel with the vehicle’s front end,” said the judge in his closing remarks.

“It occurred in a parking lot… his face was bleeding prof카지노 사이트usely and was covered in blood.”

Wright’s lawyer asked the judge to keep the charges against Wright from being considered against him.

He also asked the judge to give the officer’s conduct a “considerable weight” as a factor in sentencing him.

Prosecutors, who have argued that Wright was trying to divert attention from his drinking예스카지노 problems, urged the judge to make a significant fapronxinding in the case.

Wright’s attorney told the judge the officer will have a reasonable chance at a good-time sentencing.

Wright is out of jail after being sentenced earlier this year for the April 30, 2015, crash that killed two children.

Wright, 39, of Toronto, had been on supervised release for two years when he got busted for a drunk-driving incident.

In that case, he had been given a suspended licence and ordered to attend a sobriety test.

Last year, the U.S. Court of Appeals threw out the case on appeal.

A trial date for Wright has not been set.