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Nauru tent city copy of ‘The White Goddess’, which includes one of the highest quality of art pieces from Nauru

Nauru tent city copy of ‘The White Goddess’, which includes one of the highest quality of art pieces from Nauru.

The exhibition’s main aim is to raise awareness about conditions in Nauru and draw attention to what can be achieved. It also features one of Nauru’s biggest attractions, The White Goddess of Nauru.

“We are not trying to bring any attention to Nauru, but to bring attention to the issue of mental and psychological wellbeing in these islands,” the exhibition’s director, Susanne Meijer, said. “In the early 20th Century, the French were also trying to achieve political independence from Britain, so it is interesting to see how this exhibition aims to have more of an impact.”

Meyer said her aim with the artwork is to raise awareness and encourage Nauruans to support their community by purchasing the works. One of the artists who has helped raise the funds for the exhibition is local artist Feroz Ahmed.

“I had never seen anything like this before,” he said. “The artwork depicts the human condition: anxiety, anxiety and anorexia, all of which is v충주출장마사지ery real, real people.”

Meijer said he hopes to continue the series of events through May next year.

“I want the exhibition to highlight what can be done if you are in a remote location where the government does not speak. It is not easy for refugees to get off the island. We wanted to draw attention to the issues that refugees face in remote areas,” Meijer said.

Meyer said that the exhibit will showcase art from countries outside the European Union, such as India, where the majority of refugees are from.

The theme of “Tiny, Unusual and Out of Scale” is a넷마블 포커 theme she said she would like to continue with future exhibitions.

“It is one of the major themes in my upcoming ‘Big Island’코인 카지노 exhibition,” Meijer said. “In the past it has been about how these islands can be turned into something larger. I think it is important to go deeper than that. What does it take to do that? Can a place like Nauru be built?”

With reporting by Sabrina Nogaret