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Blues chase warriors target for sword

Blues chase warriors target for 보성출장안마sword

A young man goes on the rampage when he is caught by a rogue warrior’s sword. Can this youth be the hero he was looking for?

“I’m sorry… but if I get injured then I will lose everything I own, so please leave me alone…” The young man said as he turned and ran away.

“This… is it…?” Asuna had heard the man saying ‘Ooh, I’m sorry! I’m sorry!’ as she turned and started running.

“If you don’t believe me I’ll be able to sell this sword on for some amount of coins!” the rogue warrior said as he swung his sword.

“Eh!? You want me to… leave you to die?” Asuna asked as she held the sword in her hand.

The rogue warrior shook his head as he took her hand. “There’s no need for y광주출장마사지ou to be afraid. If you want this sword then you will have to kill me. No matter how angry I get, I will always fight for it. But if you want to save me then kill에그 벳 me immediately!”

The young man got off the horse and came to a stop next to a stone shrine. He looked down at his sword in his hand and spoke. “This weapon will be a weapon that can not be used against me.”

The young man nodded, “Yes!” then smiled while holding the sword in his hands. “Now then, I will get on with this.”