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Townsville flood police cling to tree trapped in floodwaters

Townsville flood police cling to tree trapped in floodwaters.

The owner of a local deli is looking for a local guy who left the store hours ago after an apparent power surge caused his door to swing open.

“The power was coming on and it’s going to take a few seconds before h제주출장안마 제주출장샵e was able to g영주출장샵et it shut off,” owner John Dabney told NewsChannel 7.

Now he’s looking for a friend who could help.

“It’s been about 10:30 at night, and I’ve been sitting here all day thinking about it,” Dabney said. “I guess I’m just lucky it’s not a bigger storm.”

The deli owner said they’ve gotten a lot of calls about downed trees in front of the store over the years, but they usually end up in the shop or just floating.007 카지노

“They are pretty valuable,” Dabney said. “There are no real repercussions for them.”

The deli owner said power was also reportedly lost on his business at about the same time.