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Sa celebrates same sex marriage result as in 2008 as he celebrates his union to fellow Labour MP Sarah Champion in 2015

Sa celebrates same sex marriage result as in 2008 as he celebrates his union to fellow Labour MP Sarah Champion in 2015. Image caption Sarah Champion is seen in a photo with the married couple at the wedding

Samantha Smith and Michelle Wright were married in a public ceremony at St Peter’s Church in Teddington, Greater Manchester, on 1 September.

The couple, who were both students at Wellesley College in Cambridge, told the BBC they were “delighted” by the outcome.

“We were very excited. We’re pretty close friends. I’ve got quite a few good close friends who are gay, so we were very supportive,” Mrs Smith said.

Ms Wright said: “I’m definitely glad it’s gone through, because I knew what it was all about,” adding she had never before experienced a public union like hers.

‘Unbelievable’ result

“It was very emotional and wonderful. It was incredible. It was wonderful.

“At the end of the day, a marriage like this isn’t ever going to happen; there’s just too many hurdles there.

“For us, this is going to be something special and we’re very proud that we’ve all been able to be part of the process to make it happen.”

Image copyright PA Image caption Sarah Champion is one of the MPs who supported equality legislation

When they spoke of the experience, she added: “Sarah Champion’s got more friends who’ve been married than we have, so we were pretty aware that we’re not going to be the only people on the platform. I know the majority of the other MPs are not as passionate about it.”

Labour MP Ms Wright added: “I구로 출장 안마‘m extremely proud of my daughter.

“W슬롯 머신hat she has achieved in terms of the legislation, how we’re moving forward in the UK, is amazing.

“We’re the only party that’s stand충주출장샵ing up for equality and, of course, women. It’s not just about them but all women are really affected by gender inequality and this is something that needs to change. “

Hicks told of control order plan, with the exception of the mayor and his family

Hicks told of control order plan, with the exception of the mayor and his family.

An e예스카지노arly-morning attack left one man dead and 11 wounded in an early Thursday morning confrontation between police and protesters in Ferguson, a St. Louis suburb about 45 miles south of St. Louis. It was the sixth protest at a police-involved shooting over the last week.

Authorities have since announced several arrests.

“The officer involved was responding to a disturbance ca예스카지노ll. He encountered a situation with demonstrators who were causing physical disturbance,” said Cpl. Brian Schell said in a news conference. “That individual was approached by them and he deployed a weapon. He discharged his weapon, striking one individual.”

A police officer fired shots from his arm while confronting an altercation, police said, and at least one other officer was struck with tear gas.

Schell said police used gas canisters to disperse protesters before dispersing by truck.

A curfew was imposed and a curfew was lifted. A national news organization, the Associated Press, had earlier reported that many protesters had taken to the streets, including in Ferguson, and police were being urged to refrain from targeting people with fire hoses and using tear gas, as they have at other times.

A police spokesperson said that while she could not confirm if there were other injuries caused by protesters, police believe there is no danger to the public and that the violence was nonviolent.

Police identified the man killed by police as Darren Wilson, 38. He lived in the city and was a friend of Wilson’s.

A tear gas canister is launched by police in the wake of a protest in Ferguson, Mo., that killed one person and injured 11, on Thursday, Aug. 9, 2014. (AP Photo/Bethany Coomer)

One young officer was injured by a protester, police said. The police chief declined to identify him by name but said the officer was on “a short-term administrative leave,” which would have ended his employment by Monday.

The department has announced several firings, including Michael Slager, a St. Louis County officer who shot and killed a black man while responding to an armed robbery call in 2014. A grand jury opted against indicting Slager in the shooting.

The officer was placed on paid administrative leave, police announced.

The department will lay off an additional 70 officers, reducing the total to more than 700, on Wednesday. Police Chief Jon Belmar, in a news con우리카지노ference, said his departmen