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Winds fan blaze near perth

Winds fan blaze near perth

Police have charged an 18-year-old man with burning down the home of a 16-year-old in Perth’s north-west.

우리카지노The blaze broke out around 6.30pm on Tuesday, just after the pair had been playing a family holiday and celebrating at home.

The girl’s mother heard the fire alarm go off and found her daughter sitting on the living room floor, screaming and crying.

The man then went outside to help with the teenager and ran from the house.

Police were called to the address at High Street and Dingle Road after they discovered it had been the target of a second fire on the same block in nearby Burdekin near Bournemouth.

The woman called police and they found the young girl in her bedroom and at least one dead body under the Christmas tree outside.

They were able to enter the building with the help of an air conditioning unit and saw the girl and the bodies.

Paramedics treated the two young people, who remain in a critical condition, with burns and smoke inhalation.

The teen’s father had taken his daughter to a nearby hospital when she was taken by ambulance for treatment after the attack, police said.

The girl is understood to have suffered serious injuries in the attack and was treated in a nearby nursing home and is reported to have recovered.

A woman who lives nearby said she heard the first fire alarm.

“There was a big bang,” she told the Age.

“I heard someone shout, ‘There is a fire at my door, there’s a fire!'”

“I heard lots of bangs.”

Emergency services arrived in three ambulances to break up the carnage, wh우리카지노ich the teenager’s father gospelhitztold the media he believed was the work of a “demon”.

He said the “people coming from the north-west” had apparently decided to “light the home on fire” as a warning to neighbours.

Police are not investigating a second incident in the block at the scene of the earlier fire.

Detectives are still attempting to find the teenager’s girlfriend as the bodies have been found in their living room.

A man was arrested in the Burdekin area last night and was being questioned by detectives.

A woman has taken her own life after her flat caught fire in the Burdekin area and police are looking for a “second or third party”.

Her boyfriend ha