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Riverland lower lakes miss out on drought tour

Riverland lower lakes miss out on drought tour

A year after another year of record high water levels in the Central Valley, California’s reservoirs are suffering another drought.

While the drought has been mild, conditions are beginning to show the potential to become worse.

The drought that took place in early 2010 has yet to recover, but by mid-2016, there are likely to be more droughts in the Central Valley than last year, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor released this week.

A January drought in Sacramento’s East Valley has been exacerbated by the rising water levels. The current drought, according to the report, may be the worst since 1995.

“The area we are in now is almost entirely drought resistant. Our current situation is extremely worrying and we are beginning to consider it a disaster,” said Chris Smith, executive director of the Central Valley Water District. “We continue to use every resource available to us to deal with the current problems that we are experiencing.”

That includes pumping water from the Animas aquifer in Riverside County and pumping out millions of acre-feet of water from the Animas Reservoir in the Central Valley and Lake Oroville in Northe슬롯 머신rn California.

The federal government is also working to mitigate the effects of the drought, which has forced the 엠 카지노closure of more than 90 percent of the Oroville Dam and reduced power levels in much of the Central Valley, including Riverside County and some cities and counties.

But, more than four years after an earlier drought wiped out more than 80 percent of the area’s water supply, groundwater levels are still too low to meet basic irrigation requirements, says the U.S. Drought M블랙 잭onitor.

‘Too early’ to fix problem, says state water officials

The water system is under pressure due to the El Niño weather patterns that favor drought, Smith says. The drought has the potential to “drive up the drought rate by four-fold in two to five years,” and in many cases this could trigger an even larger drought in California, if the water situation can’t be significantly alleviated.

Meanwhile, it’s also possible more than 12,000 communities throughout Northern California and a half-dozen other western states may have to make choices about whether they will still use water from their existing supply, when it has been “unmet demand or threatened” for as long as eight years, the U.S. Drought Monitor said.

The water system includes dams and reservoirs in the Central Valley, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardin