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Sally talbot resigns as chief justice, after Abbott defends his appointment on behalf of the conservative opposition

Sally ta더킹카지노lbot resigns as chief justice, after Abbott defends his appointment on behalf of the conservative opposition

On the morning of Sunday 6 March 2014, Sally Talbot announced her retirement as chief justice of the High Court. At the same time, the conservative opposition seized on the announcement to threaten the prime minister.

A source told the Guardian: “After the election there was always a sense from those in the [political] class that it could not get off to a good start and it was an election for the long haul – but Sally Talbot has always had great faith in Abbott as the right man for the job”.

It was the first time in the 40 years of the High Court system that the head of the High Court had resigned. The following day, the 더킹카지노chief justice was sworn in as the country’s 13th chief justice.

At the swearing-in ceremony, the prime minister said he hoped this would be “a long-term appointment with lasting significance”. He also said the appointment of the chief justice would be subject to the Prime Minister’s advice. But one of Abbott’s predecessors, Justice Joseph Gaget, who has been chief justice since 1998, said it would be “unprecedented in any judicial system for one person to be selected”.

The two sides agreed in a letter in March to resolve their differences. Talbot was to leave the Senate on 1 April but would continue her job as chief justice until then.

Abbott, whose first-term Labor government had presided over the greatest expansion of government spending in 50 years, said Talbot had agreed to be chief justice “as part of a long-term appointment, subject to the Prime Minister’s advice, and consistent with her integrity and public confidence in the country’s highest court”.

After the two heads of state met on Monday, the chief justice appeared at a press conference. She told the news conference the decision to stand down was not a difficult one but she believed it was best for the nation if she “made an easy exit”.

“We had hoped a little bit we might be able to get this election over the line and we did, and I thank the Australian people, but we have got to be realistic that it’s not going to happen soon enough,” she said.

Talbot was sworn into the judiciary post on 2 카지노 사이트March and replaced her chief justice by Justice Stephen Gaget. She also remained interim chief justice until 1 May, when her term expires.

Gaget said she was confident the decisio