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Man charged over firearms incident

Man charged over firearms incident

An Edmonton woman was charged for allegedly using a firearm to shoot her husband, who police say tried to run her over while she was in the living room of her Edmonton home early Friday.

Alma Brown, 56, was charged with attempted murder and assault with a dangerous weapon for allegedly firing at her 53-year-old husband in the living room of their Edmonton home around 2 a.m. Friday.

Police were called to Brown’s home after reports she fired a firearm and hit a parked car near the intersection of 20th Avenue and 35th Avenue after a dispute, at which point she went inside her house.

The couple had been in the living room doing maintenance around 2 a.m. Friday when she allegedly began shooting at him. They later returned outside to investigate the shooting.

Brown allegedly confronted her husband after she allegedly ran out of the home and fired several shots at him after she returned inside the house.

The couple called 911 and asked for help. Brown, who was sitting in her car by the time an emergency-services officer arrived, was then charged in the course of the call.

She had several prior convictions for weapons offences. She was arrested and faces multiple charges in the first two days of police work and an outstanding warrant for her arrest was set at $22,000, court records show.

Election day results still to come

The Elections BC electoral roll is still to come as hundreds of polling station officials in Western Canada still need to fill out paperwork to be eligible to vote, including a significant number of polic바카라e officers, who must turn in their ballots to ensure accuracy.

Election Day also falls over a weekend when voting day is also the first day of spring break, but there are some other dates on the calendar with a longer holiday to make up the weekend.

Election Ca예스카지노nada said Thursday that they are currently taking new st바카라사이트eps to ensure everyone who wants to register to vote can participate in the federal-provincial election campaign this spring, including allowing early voting.