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Councillors told tweed byron merger unlikely, say advocates for social inclusion

Councillors told tweed byron merger unlikely, say advocates for social inclusion


Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has conceded he could never support the government’s proposed merger with the federal kangaroo council.

About 300 kangaroos, about 90 per cent of the population, are said to be “in danger” of becoming extinct if the deal goes ahead.

But on Wednesday Senator Fifield said if the government were to vote against the deal there was no doubt it would be the kangaroo councils whose fate he would take into consideration.

Mr Shorten called on the Labor Party to oppose the deal because of “serious concerns” with the merger, as opposed to the Federal Gov카지노 사이트ernment’s promise to build a national park around the kangaroo population.

“They’ve already lost the federal government, and they’re going to lose the kangaroo councils — there will be serious concerns about that deal,” Senator Fifield said.

“So there is nothing you can do at this time, I mean, I just don’t see any reason why this is something we should take a risk on.”

Federal Liberal candidate Matthew Coons바카라사이트 has promised to vote for it, while Opposition Leader Bill Shorten also wants to oppose the deal.

At this point we’re not sure how significant the vote is in Canberra. The only thing we can do now is wait and see where the government is

One of Labor’s three candidates for the seat of Twizel, Luke Dunstan, will oppose the deal and say no to the bill if it comes to the Senate floor.

He said while it could create new jobs for the regional economy, a new national park could benefit the kangaroos, as it would help to reduce traffic congestion in the area.

He also said if the new park proposal is accepted, it would be a bad idea to protect one or more local native species.

But Senator Fifield told the ABC he was not prepared to speculate on the future of the kangaroos because he did not know what the government would do to protect them in the 바카라사이트future.

“It’s just the best of our knowledge and the best we can do right now is wait and see where the government is,” he said.

Skipper John O’Connor said there was not enough research to say whether the kangaroos might be an issue for future generations.

“A new kangaroo park and the reintroduction of the kangaroo, i