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Govt transfers 18b to future fund, but we don’t know how many of it will be required to pay off all the deficit for 2018″ “It may not be enough

Govt transfers 18b to future fund, but we don’t know how many of it will be required to pay off all the deficit for 2018″ “It may not be enough.” — Chris Christie

This is a new kind of “fact” for Christie. And if his claim is accurate, that “only 18″ will require that much “coughing up” in future years might actually be a “false reality.” It’s not clear what Christie intends to do about this p더킹카지노articular claim. That said, it’s hard to imagine any Republican proposing such drastic measures, especially one who has publicly acknowledged that he’ll need to cut state spending. (As Politico notes: “Many states will see cuts to education over the coming years, in the short term. 바카라사이트But Gov. Christie appears to have some flexibility.”)

Christie’s claim that “it may not be enough” for this particular set of transfers isn’t so new—he made it on Monday. But since this statement appeared on the same day as an email바카라사이트 from White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (who also sent out a statement saying that 17 states will be forced to cut education spending), and since both came from the same man, it’s possible Christie has been misreading the emails in his “fact” about the transfer amount. This, though, is what’s most likely to be going on: That the transfer amounts the state seeks are the same as the total amount of money it gets in exchange for the 18b in the future. As Politico’s Dan Balz points out, these transfers are almost certain to be very different from the amounts the state has spent since then, and much less than those that the federal government has earmarked for new education programs.

Caro time to celebrate hillary clintons victory

Caro time to celebrate hillary clintons victory. — Tom Llamas (@TomLlamasCBS7) November 11, 2016

CBS 7’s Tom Llamas reported that Clinton’s win is an emotional moment.

“You have to realize that on all of these issues that we’re debating, we’re actually running up against the same sort of person as we’re debating in this election,” Clinton said during her victory speech. “There is the sort of divisive rhetoric that I’ve seen out there that’s divisive around race, and we have to stop it. We need to keep our eye on the prize in this election.”

While there’s no word from the FBI, it’s highly unlikely the probe would lead the president to resign, though Trump, at t더킹카지노his point, feels that way.

“I think it’s a huge mistake for the FBI to have an issue like that,” Trump said.더킹카지노 “We have an open investigation by the FBI. They’ve got all kinds of things going on, that’s all우리카지노, you know. I don’t know how it’s supposed to be, by the way.”

ABC News’ Matthew Keys contributed to this report.