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Australia sanctions russia ukraine

Australia sanctions russia ukraine

the United States sanctions russia the United States sanctions russia

the U.S. is also trying to convince the바카라 사이트 EU to lift its sanctions on Russia.

Ukraine’s deputy finance minister said on Monday that $17 billion has been frozen in the country since April in retaliation for Russia’s actions in Crimea and eastern Ukraine, prompting criticism from Russia that Ukraine is running out of money.

“We don’t have the financial resources and can’t make that money,” Vitali Zakharchenko told the Financial Times in an interview from Ukraine.

“We have no choice but to get a financial assistance and we will continue to do so until we can recover what we lost,” he said.

The deputy finance minister blamed EU sanctions on a policy change Russia has implemented to protect its interests.

He said the measures had not only restricted the flow of Russian gas but also hit gas sales to Europe’s largest economy.

“We had some serious problems in supplying supplies to our customers,” he said.

Zakharchenko accused the EU of allowing Russia access to the $60 billion black hole in its balance of payments and of ignoring the effects that this action could have on European producers and the European Union.

His c룰렛omments were supported by a senior Ukrainian banker with knowledge of state and economic policies said on condition of anonymity.

Russian-backed poli강남출장안마 강남안마ticians, analysts and businessmen have been complaining for months about European sanctions. They also fear an economic war with the former Soviet republic of Ukraine could cause prices to rise on some Russian gas.

The sanctions ban transactions between Russian banks and foreign banks without any credit guarantees. They do not address Russia’s decision to buy back shares in its state-controlled gas company.