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Council gm offered sa council contract in favour of another developer

Council gm offered sa council contract in favour of another developer. They are using another developer to get a loan from private banks. The problem is they are not helping the public but giving big sums of money to companies that will never work. All this despite the fact there is no shortage of good construction companies in India that can do this job but with financial help from the government, there can be no better chance to build. A government that can help people do good and create wealth will always be better than the poor people with money who refuse to help.

Another important issue is how the project will be regulated and run by the government. After 30 years, the government needs to stop supporting private companies in this project and focus on its core responsibility of providing public services. The project has come back to the public with Rs 2.73 lakh crore but the actual expenditure was Rs 5.카지노 사이트75 lakh crore. This should mean that the government should be responsible for this money that is being spent on private contractors, not the state government or private corporations. All the infrastructure needs to be in place but if they are spending so much money on private firms that it cannot help the people 바카라and the environment, then it is no good.

Some people argue that the project could cost hundreds of crores of rupees (millions of euros). I disagree. A project of that size and scope could not take this long if private firms could get to it with their existing facilities and expertise. It is hard to believe that it will take them three years to do this even with modern facilities, especially with the construction of roads. If construction started next month then it will be finished in a year. The time is coming.

There is only one issue to think about: is the state going to pay this money in kind and that includes in return, building schools, hospitals, roads and housing. 우리카지노The government is already in favour of building schools. This will make schools a bigger economic engine. The government has already shown it is willing to go a step further and invest millions of rupees for them. It should show the same generosity again. If the state does not share the burden, then we are going to have to ask what will they do? Why would they want to build these schools without the support and money from the state?

The next question must be the issue of property rights and property taxes. No-one thinks they should be handed over to private corporations and that the government should be allowed to sell the land and keep the profits, thus ensuring public services and creating wealth i