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Surgeons departure may blow out waiting lists of heart transplant patients

Surgeons departure may blow out waiting lis카지노ts of heart transplant patients

One night a few weeks ago, the operating room team of Johns Hopkins Hospital, the University of Maryland Medical Center and two other institutions was in full gear, ready to start the first transplant surgery in the world: one in which an 84-year-old man named Michael McCarty would live another two weeks.

But instead of going into surgery, the team had a sudden surprise. The man with heart disease died before the operation even began.

McCarty, who had never given a medical diagnosis before, was rushed into surgery only to find out that he had congestive heart failure, a condition that can only be diagnosed after death, and not until days later.

For doctors in the operating room, who had spent months testing every possible risk, there was an extra worry — it could be decades before they knew when a man like McCarty would live another eight to nine hours after he came in to operate.

They had hoped to send McCarty off the operating table in time for Christmas, a time of year that is often a time of heart-related surgery for patients. And they knew this, too, because it had become one of the hardest things the team could do.

Yet when McCarty was placed on the operating table and an oxygen tank filled with fluid was released, he barely registered to the group of doctors who rushed to him that night and into the next few days. His heart had slowly become weak and was barely beating.

“No one even touched his heart, let alone noticed,” said Dr. Donald M. Bostick, the chief of pediatric cardiology and surgery at the hospital. “That’s when I said it couldn’t be our job. That we were just not strong enough to do the surgery right.”

Now at Johns Hopkins, McCarty’s story has opened an unprecedented debate about how best to handle the increasingly rare heart disease of patients who have died from their age, including those whose deaths cannot be explained by aging.

McCarty has become something of a poster boy for how poorly the medical science of부천출장샵 heart failure works, and he is far from alone. At a time when doctors are worried that a lack of aggressive, long-term follow-up can lead to the deaths of patients, a new research study by the Johns Hopkins Center for Heart Failure Research and Treatment published Monday reveals that it takes about three times as long to diagnose a patient’s heart failure.

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