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REVIEW: “My Lesbian Enjoy With Loneliness”, or: red confessions of an embarrassing lesbian that is japanese

Title: My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness

Author: Kabi Nagata

Review by: Captain Clo

Verdict: candid and honest, it relates to extremely hefty themes without being an angstfest. 5 movie movie stars

I’ve never read much yuri (feminine homoerotic manga) and I also ended up being extremely interested in learning this visual novel whenever I saw it; I happened to be fascinated by the autobiographical angle, one thing We wouldn’t normally expect from a Japanese writer, particularly a lesbian.

We additionally didn’t expect the art that is cutesy to manage despair, crippling anxiety, self-harm, consuming problems, and committing committing suicide ideation, therefore BE WARNED: this visual novel is deeply personal and quite natural often. The writer reflects about approximately a decade of her life, as she cycled between durations of despair and moments of individual epiphany, via a journey of self-discovery that lands her into the situation depicted in the address: within the hands of the lesbian escort, in a very love resort. Read more »