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Architect questions footbridge plan

Architect questions footbridge plan

In he우리 카지노r proposal, the city council voted in favor of removing the sidewalk from west of Broadway from 22nd Street to 27th Street.

The sidewalk will be on the existing parking lot on the east side of the bridge.

It is estimated that in the future the sidewalk will take up about 80 to 100 parking spaces on Broadway.

“It’s the wrong way, it won’t bring in pedestrians and it won’t have an impact on the pedestrian flow,” said City Councilman Brad Blumenauer.

In the meantime, construction workers are installing an underground track in the south end of the bridge, which is supposed to connect to an underground bridge at the south end of the street.

“We have to fix it now. We have to make sure that we do all the work with the time and the money that we have,” said Blumenauer.

One concern is that construction would lead to dangero온라인 슬롯 머신 사이트us crossing hazards on the e넷마블 포커ast side of Broadway, where a pedestrian path is built around the bridge.

“We had an issue that a pedestrian, for example, was hit by a freight train, and it’s a dangerous crossing, the railroad, so this is our opportunity to take this time,” said the city engineer.

The west side of Broadway could see new construction.