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Boddington opens its doors to tourism on Friday, September 15, 2013

Boddington opens its doors to tourism on Friday, Septembe카지노 사이트r 15, 2013. (Photo: Jay Calderon/Special to the Register)

The South Iowa City area is undergoing an intense marketing push to attract visitors and visitors’ families this week as part of the “Cultural Heritage Week” announced by city officials.

The cultural event, scheduled for Sept. 25-29, features exhibits and tours t더킹카지노hat feature local history with the hopes of attracting visitors to the diverse South Iowa City community. Visitors can learn about the state and its history and about the historic sites and architecture in the area. It also includes educational opportunities about Iowa and Iowa history.

“I’m proud to be a part of this event. I believe in what I do, and the more I talk about my work, the more people are interested in it,” said Jim and Debbie Boddington.

The pair’s family-owned store, South Iowa City Art & Gifts, has been hosting its “Cultural Heritage Week” for years and will remain in operation until the end of the year.

“We’ve come a long way, and we’re always up for doing things that are special for people to come and experience,” Debbie Boddington said.

Boddington and her husband, Jim, have owned the shop since 1982, they said. The couple has lived in South Iowa City and have worked hard to bring the store back to its former glory and make a comeback for the neighborhood. “We believe that people need it, they need it, they need it more,” Debbie Boddington said.

The Boddays’ shop is owned by The Boddays, of South Iowa City, who are part owners of Art & Gifts.

The store has been a mainstay in South Iowa City with numerous exhibitions, special events and other events. In September, it was featured by the Iowa Historical Association in its “A Portrait of a Cottage Industry” exhibit. It was also featured on the KCRG-TV, with guest host Mike Kucharski. The city recently hosted several other events at the store.

Boddington is happy with the success she’s enjoyed with her store and is excited to expand the site with “Cultural Heritage Week.”

As one of the most successful independent stores in the state of Iowa, the Boddays have opened seven locations across the U.S. over the years. Boddington’s daughter, Beth Boddington, grew up in South Iowa우리카지노 City and came t