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Stuckey backs sensational v8 superfest support on Instagram

Stuckey backs sensational v8 superfest support on Instagram

#SnoopHim vs #Drake vs Kendrick Lamar vs Rihanna to be the first song off OVO Summer #Aqua #AquaFame

Caught on camera at #AquaFame & #AquaMusic show at the Fox Valley Expo

Featuring the new #AquaPale green paint line

What’s in store for the #AquaFame Summer?

Solo festival style dance sessions, a wide range of artists to choose from and an eclectic lineup of talent

A wide range of activities, including:


Dance party,





Pumpkin picking,

A wide selection of food and drinks

A $100,000 tent in front of the stage

Ticket for OVO’s #SummerBowl in Phoenix, Arizona will go on sale Monday, June 26 at 8pm

What is #AquaFame?

Snoop & Drake released #AquaFame during their summer break to celebrate their new album

#AquaFame is designed to be an authentic celebration of OVO’s creat바카라ivity, passion, and unique musical aesthetic. #SummerBowl is the ultimate opportunity to be part of a summertime celebration of a unique band.

A few things you need to know about OVO Summer:

• The OVO Summer will take place at the Fox Valley Expo.

• The festival will also take place in Phoenix, AZ in late August, with performances on The Fonda Stage, The Ogden Theater and several other stages, including The Phoenix Skylight and Phoenix Arena.

• The Summer will include concerts, art shows, mu바카라사이트sic, workshops, and more.

jarvees.comThere will be an opportunity for festival-goers from around the world to meet and interact with members of the production team (not just celebrities), participate in activities such as Mapping and Art for OVO Summer, or meet the artists that will appear at OVO Summer.

For more information visit the official site.