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Ugandan peacekeeper shot dead in darfur (AFP)

Ugandan peacekeeper shot dead in darfur (AFP)

The UN has confirmed it has been “very surprised and disturbed” by the killing of Ugandan peacekeeper Wala Yayi.

Nigeria has already been criticised in the past for its record on human rights. In 2008, then-President Yoweri Museveni was forced out of office, and this led to thousands더킹카지노 of protesters taking to the streets to demand the government pay compensation for atrocities committed by its soldiers.

Mumnet says it supports the right to protest and to engage in peaceful protest when, according to its r바카라사이트egulations, it believes protests are necessary for public good.

“Nigeria and Uganda had a long history of dealing with each other as allies. At the national level, 바카라we’ve also come to work together to address the issues that confront us.”

Mumnet and Ugandan military spokeswoman Colonel Nguniwa Yigahwe have not commented on the incident.

The statement on the site claims that the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy to Nigeria, Ivo Kofi Annan, met Museveni after hearing reports of the killing.