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Aurora on notice to spark up the debate in the Senate

Aurora on notice to spark up the debate in the Senate
The proposal would allow a Senate investigation into “extensive use of certain chemicals as catalysts” in oil and gas production, including methane leaks from natural gas production in the Marcellus Shale. The legislation would prohibit industry from marketing products with these chemicals and would require that companies disclose the “nature and extent” of this use.

While not yet o우리카지노fficial, Senator Mary Landrieu and the Texas Senate have proposed bills that would impose federal regulations on oil and gas companies, including the use of certain catalysts, for “commercial purposes”.

Senator Landrieu introduced the first legislation to regulate methane, in 2007. The Senate bill includes several provisions aimed at regulating natural gas, including requirements for additional safety measures and regulations on horizontal drilling.

Another bill called the Energy and Environment in Tex바카라사이트as Act would regulate how much methane is discharged into the atmosphere. Similar legislation passed the House, but it failed to advance.

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