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Premiers prepare for health fund showdown

Premiers prepare for health fund showd바카라사이트own

The government, which is likely to face a huge defeat in its efforts to raise $500 million over five years, is preparing for a fight.

Heal바카라사이트th Minister Jane Philpott admitted Tuesday the province would have to negotiate “difficult” details with the federal government because Alberta had never used a health levy before.

She said the province is going to need more than $1 billion of extra federal support — in addition to any additional taxes or contributions from the federal government.

Philpott told reporters: “We’re going to need billions of dollars and all kinds of help so we can make sure we deliver on promises that we’ve got made to Canadians that have our attention.”

Health Minister Jane Philpott says the government will be under pressure to meet budget commitments as well as the government’s promise to create 100,000 jobs. (CBC)

The provinces and territories, on the other hand, are well on track to meet their 2017-2018 budget targets, and are expected to do so.

With the 2017/18 federal election looming, it is also expected that all five premiers will be facing off over who will lead the federal government.

But one question — is any of it enough to meet this province’s commitment, which includes funding over five years for social programs like Head Start and affordable housing?

One possibility, says economist Gary Cudmore, is that any extra federal dollars would come out of a future budget that doesn’t include social programs.

“That could work as well as raising taxes, as is expected,” he said. “But there’s an increasing possibility there could be an ongoing discussion about more funding into social programs.”

Premier Notley says ‘all bets are off’

Premier Notley said Tuesday she still sup바카라사이트ports her government’s “core values” of reducing federal income and corporate taxes.

She said some have questioned the rationale for making a major change to Social Security.

In addition, she said, there is also the fact that the government has not established a specific plan for paying for the health fund with money the provinces had pledged to the federal government before the election.

Premier not worried about future funding challenges if Conservatives govern

“That said, I’m not going to give up hope that we’ll be able to meet our obligations. The economy will be strong in 2017 and, therefore, I will be very careful to make sure that we are funding those services for Canadians that deserv