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Hospital revamp behind schedule

Hospital revamp behind schedule

A report by the state Department of Human Services on Tuesday showed that the state’s “most heavily used” health facilities are in danger of facing major financial losses as patients wait years to see a physician, leaving patients exposed to hospita바카라사이트l bills beyond their own pockets. The state is required to report on its efforts to reduce wait times, but the report came after hospitals and physicians’ associations raised alarm about the state’s lack of progress in meeting the goal of ending chronic pain from 2014.

DHS released its analysis of the cost, timelines and services provided during the fiscal year ended Sept. 30, 2016. The report cited the long waiting lists in the most intensive facilities as the biggest problem and said its analysis showed the state’s most highly used hosp우리카지노itals and ambulatory surgical centers face a “major risk of significant non-delivery of care due to underfunded management systems and the lack of reliable, modern electronic medical records.”

The state said many hospitals must cut care to patients and the state is working to fix such systems. But the problems could continue as the backlog of wait-time issues in the most intensive care units grows and the number of patients on life support becomes greater, according to the report.

“The failure of these systems is creating a host of potential complications for patients — some potentially fatal,” the report reads. “We anticipate that for some hospitals this may have a negative impact on patient and health outcomes.”

The department said the problem with chronic pain at the state’s most highly used hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers — with more than 70 percent of the state’s hospitals being in the most intensive care units — has led to an “overly large volume of non-delivery of care, including, among other things, delays in payment for emergency department care and other urgent care services.”

It has made the state pay for care through its annual health care fee refunds and Medicaid reimbursement, which can be collected after a patient dies. But the department said the state should have improved its monitoring and funding for these funds before the department raised concerns about the state failing to implement adequate management systems and electronic medical records.

More than 20 health care facilities that provide urgent care to more than 5,800 residents of California have a backlog of about 18 months to address, the report says. It called for “urgent action,” including the establishment of a strategic plan to address wait-time issues within the most 바카라사이트intensive care units.

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