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Seven killed in kashmir violence

Seven killed in kashmir violence

LISBON (AP) — Three members of the Islamic State group’s “khilafah” brigade were killed when police attacked their camps in ea더킹카지노stern Libya on Saturday, an activist group said.

It said that Abu Anas al-Zawahri, a senior Islamic State leader, and an unidentified commander were killed when the army stormed the village of Kambal in Kadhimiya province, in the northeastern region.

An activist who lives near the town said more than 20 fighters were killed when police fired on the camp at 1:15 p.m. local time. It said there were still bodies being transpo우리카지노rted to the morgue.

Militants from the extremist group have launched two assaults on towns and villages across eastern Libya in the past few days, accusing Libyan se바카라사이트curity forces of being overly cautious in holding off attacks.

Most of the fighting in Libya has been in eastern and central areas of the nation, where Islamic State has expanded its foothold after losing most territory during the Arab Spring uprisings against dictators in the Middle East.