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Red kangaroo numbers plummeting hunter kills

Red kangaroo numbers plummeting hunter kills

A dead kangaroo is an insult to nature.

The decline in kangaroo numbers is a huge concern for conservationists in Australia because they are one of the rarest Australian marsupials — a species that is at serious risk of extinction in many parts of the world.

In the past decade, the average kangaroo has fallen from 16 percent of the number when it first arrived in New South Wales in the early 19th century to just one-fourth now, according to the Australian National Uni예스카지노versity’s kangaroo project.

But those figures may be a mirage.

Some scientists are sceptical about the impact of kangaroos’ shrinking numbers on local ecology. One reason may be their inability to climb trees and survive in harsh Australian conditions in which trees have died out in many parts of the country.

Researchers have long wondered about the role climate change plays in kangaroo decline.

In Australia, it is estimated that around 5 percent of kangaroos could be endangered by the mid- to late 20th century.

“The numbers of kangaroos in the Great Barrier Reef are declining because the waters that provide the habitat for these predators have changed,” says Dr Ian Robertson, curator of invertebrate collections at the RSPB’s Great Barrier Reef M바카라사이트arine Park Authority.

“We know that this is due to habitat loss and increased numbers of humans바카라 who have taken up grazing and fishing,” says Robertson, who has collected more than 600 kangaroos in northern Australia since the 1950s.

“It’s also because of human-associated noise that disturbs their ecological activity.”

Robertson thinks that, given these factors, it may be “a while before we can say that the impacts of climate change on kangaroos will begin to become evident in the context of these population declines.”

But the latest scientific evidence is not encouraging.

In a study published in Current Biology, Robertson and his co-authors say that they only examined kangaroos in the northern area of the state of New South Wales, which is known for its plentiful kangaroo numbers.

Robertson and the rest of his team were surprised to discover that kangaroos from the nearby south Australian region were actually overfished. That may indicate that, for the time being, kangaroo numbers have not recovered to their pre-2008 levels — the lowest number on record.

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