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Lifesavers family honour drowned teen on board their boat Copyright by WCMH – All rights reserved Video

Lifesavers family honour drowned teen on board their boat Copyright by WCMH – All rights reserved Video

RIVERSIDE, Ohio (WCMH)–An eight-year-old girl and her mother drowned Tuesday morning in the North River, Cleveland County Coroner Don Stephens tells Eyewitness News.

The bodies of the girl and her mother were found floating in the North River early Tuesday morning, Stephens says. Officials were called to a house just off North Bridge Road where the young girl바카라사이트 and her mother were both listed in good condition.

Authorities say both girls drowned when their boat’s trailer overturned, sending them injarvees.comto the North River.

The family boat and trailer were reportedly found on top of each other about two miles north of the crash, Stephens said. Stephens says they have a medical examiner’s office looking for evidence.

The teen’s father, Anthony Smith told Eyewitness News his daughter’s body had been discovered floating in the river. He says she was wearing a pink and black T-shirt, her hands and feet tied up, and no shoes on.

The couple’s boat was located about three miles north of where the boat that flipped was found.

Neighbors of the young couple say the boat was 더킹카지노in the North River with the family of the boy and that the boy’s family would likely try to go to the boat so they could help him get back to his family. They say the family could have gone fishing or other ways to get to his family. Neighbors say the family lived at the house in the 1800 block of East Stateline Drive and were always at the boat. Neighbors say the boy’s mother works two jobs and sometimes went fishing for tips.

Coroner Stephens says both girls drowned with their family’s boat nearby, making them possible suspects in the drowning. He says there may have been other issues on the boat that contributed to the girl’s death.

The girl, who was 8 years old, was in stable condition at a Cleveland Clinic hospital. The mother’s condition was described as critical but stable.

One other suspect is at large, while authorities are still investigating and searching the North River.