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Wa govt fails to submit business case for perth freight link over land for 18 months

Wa govt fails to submit business case for perth freight link over land for 18 months


Perth has been denied permission for an 18-month rail link connecting the airport to Perth rail station.

State Transport Minister Dean Nalder said the project should have been submitted to the Federal Government earlier, but it was stalled바카라사이트 for more than 18 months.

He said it had been repeatedly turned down by the Federal government and he was disappointed the Federal government did not find better ways to attract investment to Perth.

“We’ve got to look at every available option, including an expanded rail link to the airport.

“I’m disappointed that it’s been 18 months since it was first looked at and then never even considered.

“It’s been a long time sinc바카라사이트e this rail link was looked at.

“There’s been some very high-profile transport projects going on in the past year, such as the Perth light rail project.

“I don’t think there’s any question in the world that one or two years in terms of infrastructure is enough time for the infrastructure to get upgraded, which is what they’re trying to do with the rail link.”

The rail link would be built from the airport to the rail station on private property in the north-east and the south-west of the city.

Mr Nalder said the project could bring 500 jobs and the state would have to contribute to funding the $8 billion project.

He said it would cost $600 million over 10 years and he said he was confident the project could meet the Federal Government’s commitment to complete all projects within 18 months, but that it would take “some time to build the line”.

“We’re confident that the cost is going to be passed on,” he said.

The State Government will use the decision to approve the rail link as a “ground rule” to continue construction of the $4.3 billion $8.4 billion Crossrail link.

‘Stuck in traffic’

The decision by State Transport Minister D우리카지노ean Nalder, which prompted criticism online, comes after his party took control of the State Government in 2015 and lost a federal election in December 2016.

The minister said he has received a lot of letters from concerned people saying they are unhappy to find the rail link “lost in traffic”.

The project will link with the existing bus line in the north of Perth, in the CBD.

Mr Nalder defended the State Government’s decision to give the fina