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Kaiser to germany last eight or bust

Kais바카라er to germany last eight or bust

Worst team of 2015: SKDC in China

If you are looking for the best team to beat in ESL One Cologne 2014, the SKDC has no reason to be higher up in the ladder. A team that was the third best team of 2016, was beaten to death by a less-than-stellar team in their first ever appearance. The current state of the team does not look any better than what we are used to from them.

SKDC and SKDC 3:1

S1mple to germany last eight or bust

Worst team of 2015: Na`Vi vs Liquid in Kiev

It is no surprise that S1mple’s performance at ELEAGUE Season 3, which is widely considered the greatest single-day performance of all-time, came at the expense of his team, and that he and his teammates performed badly in Kiev, where we saw a team with a roster that included several of the b바카라est players of that time. As bad as they may be in the world, we cannot blame them for leaving, for having the motivation to fight and to fight hard. We saw more of SKDC’s play style in Kiev, because he looked the best at the time, and his performances there proved it.

SKDC to germany last eight or bust

Team Liquid to germany last eight or bust

Luminosity to germany last eight or bust

All told, Liquid’s performances from this season were the most inconsistent of the group that they played in. Their performances were so low that they were actually eliminated in the quarterfinals. It is not easy to compete against a team that was in the top sixteen of every major tournament in the world, and they showed it바카라사이트 during ELEAGUE Season 3. It is no surprise that Liquid looked worse in the group stage as compared to their play in their second appearance, but it does not prove that we can underestimate the strength of a team like this in a group like this.

One final thing about the rest of Group D. Not only did they make it to the knockout rounds in four of the six tournaments they played this season, but they did it in the semifinals, too. This could not have been overlooked, given the amount of pressure and the fact that they had played in the final for some time.

Group G: mousesports to the bottom

Hiko to the bottom

CZ to the bottom