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Shepparton family violence survivors book launch

Shepparton family violence survivors book launch

The book features accounts of the family violence survivors who have come together to share their stories of healing and healing from childhood, adolescence and adult experience.

There have been a huge number of book launches around the country, particularly in the last two weeks.

“I can’t believe some people have chosen to read this book to their children before reading anything else, for reasons of education, as if they can learn anything from it,” mother-of-two Claire Shepparton said.

“I wanted people to see for themselves that우리카지노 there are other people experiencing the same things I do, that this book was written to help people.”

The author said she was drawn to the topic because she felt the family violence survivors had been left to their own devices by the Government’s policy of silence.

“People think there are only two things that can happen, that these men are evil or that these women are evil, when in fact many have lived in this family setting and had to work with their partners because they couldn’t help their friends, they couldn’t help their wives, they couldn’t help their children and yet they have to live with this pain,” Ms natyasastra.comShepparton said.

“It is very difficult, the pain, but these two people in our family could get the help they need. They are victinatyasastra.comms, they are survivors and they deserve the support and compassion that is available.”

Ms Shepparton has since sold the book online for a fee of $4 and posted the proceeds of the book online.

The book also includes a photo gallery and the story of Laura Healy, a victim of family violence in which she wrote: “I am sure that there will be those who will say we should have just moved away and never touched her again.”

The book goes under the category of children’s literature and is available for pre-order for a $3 donation.

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