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Australian opposition defends push to send home asylum seekers

Australian opposition defends push to send home asylum seekers


Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says asylum seekers brought to Australia should be sent home and called “murderers” for refusing to go along.

Mr Shorten says sending those at risk back to their home countries is not realistic because the threat of being resettled in detention or to Australia 우리카지노by boat has passed.

The Opposition Leader’s comments came as he visited the remote community of Mascouche.

He says while he has great sympathy with the desperate people in the community, he does not think they should be thrown into the world’s largest sea of people with no hope of getting home.

Mr Shorten says the refugees in detention here are facing hardship in conditions that should be illegal and he would rather them be deported than go back to Australia.

“Australia’s role is to get these guys into the countries where they can rebuild their lives, not to put these people back in that brutal and barbaric situation,” he said.

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten calls for resettling asylum seekers in Australia

Mr Shorten said while the Government has made mistakes in detention, it was the right thing to do to put them back together again in order to make the community better places to live.

“If you’re sent back to where it’s safe and you’ve got some basic survival skills, where the kids can get to school and are not thro더킹카지노wn up against these big walls, then it’s a better place,” he said.

“But if you’re just coming off somewhere like Nauru, which is not the most successful offshore processing centre we’ve done or the biggest international processing centre in recent history, if you’re really desperate, it’s not a good plan at all, to send a whole lot of these people home, you should be sent home.”

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has also backed Mr Shorten’s position.

“We have made a commitment to send them back to where they were supposed to be… to their home countries as soon as they can,” he said.

“We’ll keep our eyes and e바카라ars out for them and get them to their home country as soon as we can.”

The Opposition is warning Australia is not being fair to people smugglers because their operations are funded by foreign governments.

The Government has made significant cuts to its offshore processing budget, resulting in detention centres facing an estimated 80 to 100 days of overcrowding.

Opposition refugee spokesman Scott Morriso