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Cameron mooney denies stephen dank worked at geelong

Cameron mooney denies stephen dank worked at geelong?


A Victorian parliamentary senator has denied he works on Geelong City Council property and described allegations he worked on an offshore firm for a Russian investor as “fake news”.

The $11 million project by a Russian company called Geelong City Property Development Ltd involved an investment in land and “caviar, caviar”, but a spokesperson for the minister for housing and urban renewal, Tim Wilson, denied it was any kind of investment vehicle.

Mr Wilson said Mr Cameron would not work on a council property or property owned by someone on council’s reserve list.

Mr Cameron is the son of former prime minister John Howard, and the Liberal National party’s candidate for the seat of Melbourne in the November election.

Mr Wilson said his father, MP David Cameron, is a “true loyal member of the Liberal Party of Victoria”.

He said he was unaware Mr Cameron worked for Geelong City Property Development Ltd while he was in the private sector.

“Well I don’t know why Mr Cameron would want to do that if I know what he’s been up to,” he said.

“I can’t comment on why he’d want to put his name on anything that looks like an investment vehicle.

“If the company was put up for sale or the company sold and I was asked to 더킹카지노consider any interest, I would not engage with anyone about these questions or questions about a real estate investment scheme, I just would simply say no.”

Gelong resident

Mr Cameron is the son of the late, Labor leader Bob Hawke.

He was on the campaign trail in Geelong last week and is listed as an associate of Geelong businessman Daniel McVeigh.

Mr Wilson has described Mr Cameron’s involvement with foreign investors as “shameful”.

He said: “While my father is an accomplished lawyer, his know더킹카지노ledge of international business practices as a high profile Senator is not well represented in the public discourse or as a member of parliament.

“And it’s also true that this is an area where he is well aware of the issues that are in더킹카지노 front of his community, and that is in respect for the environment, and in respect for the laws that apply to a particular land, and it’s quite shocking that he would appear on a political program.”

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