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Lindsey questions wa liberals preselection process after Obama and Clinton primaries

Lindsey questions wa liberals preselection process after Obama and Clinton primaries.

Hillary Clinton’sapronx campaign manager asks a question a바카라bout the “surprise” vote in Wisconsin and Iowa.

MSNBC moderator asks if the media’s approach to Clinton has been unfair or disingenuous.

A new poll shows the debate audience is overwhelmingly female.

Kellyanne Conway on the “new media” — and the challenges it poses to media institutions: “I’m excited about the opportunity to work with these amazing individuals.”

Drew Griffin on how Fox News has been “a very successful vehicle 바카라사이트for the Republican Party.”

A question from a viewer that we were able to respond to. This week the question asked if Trump would make a good president. We told readers that it was a personal question but also an inquisition, a challenge, to not let them think so.

Cannabis equipment ban under consideration by Parliament

Cannabis equipment ban under consideration by Parliament

13th July 2015 – 18:50 | By Mark West, Legal Editor

A Government decision to bring forward legislation requiring all licensed producers to ensure that they have a cannabis testing facility has left some concerned that it could lead to mandatory testing of all products they manufacture.

A Government spokesman said:

“The Government is reviewing the licensing requirements and regulations to see how we ca바카라사이트n make sure it is clear which products are fit for production and which products can safely be consumed. The Government will be announcing a wide range of measures as a result of the review soon.”

‘Potential harm’

Legal campaigners had welcomed the Government’s decision to make regulation the focus of this review but said that it raised questions about whether “potential harm” had been proved by clinical experience and expert opinion in the public health arena.

A group led by the director of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, Sir Mark Walport, expressed concerns. He described the proposal as a “huge gamble” and said he had concerns over the Government “not considering public health considerations in its planning and implementation of cannabis regulation”.

He said the proposed rules would “not take into account other possible adverse healnatyasastra.comth effects” including impairment to children, and that the Government’s decision to review current regulations had created a huge risk.

Cannabis is currently illegal, but legalising the drug would go further to legitimise it and bring the whole field under the Government’s control Sir Philip Green, President, Medicines and Healthcare products Council (MHPCC)

The MHPCC and the Medicines & Healthcare Products Council were among those who questioned the Government’s decision to move forward with the draft regulation and said it would not achieve what it sought to do by “creating an entirely new regulatory system and allocating responsibility and authority to the industry’s representatives”.

The MHPCC said it would argue for the current regulated sector to move towards an entirely new model.

“We believe there is a clear evidence base that the Government’s decision to implement such regulations is the single most significant negative result from the current review of regulatory systems,” said Dr Andrew Wodak, MHPCC director for health policy and strategy.

“We expect more regulatory action to be taken. The MHPCC will work with industry on all policy related discussions on this issue urge the government to ensure that such reform goes forward as quickly as possible.”

Mr Green expressed similar concerns.

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