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Council wants half of coastline closed to fishers for a week during the summer to ensure there’s no damage

Council wants half of coastline closed to fishers for a week during the summer to ensure there’s no damage

The proposed restrictions are part of a consultation on the closure of the Bay of Islands for at least a week in October, after a study found that the bay had become contaminated with the toxic alga Bacillus thuringiensis and could lead to increased mor마카오카지노tality of some sea birds.

The bay is currently a popular destination for tourists and scientists. It is also home to a large population of fish in a particular spawning area and is a hot-spot for the annual migration of the great white sharks.

A team of scientists from South Wales University, the School of Biology and Environment at the University of York and the University of Hull have spent 20 months studying the effects of the toxins on the great whites.

They found that algal blooms caused by Bacillus thuringiensis were responsible for the death of 12-20% of the Great White population there, and were a significant cause of death of around 3% for the harbour seal.

Dr Mike Bannister, who carried out the research for the South Wales University team, told the South Wales Times: ‘The effect on the harbour seal population could be as high as 30%.’

The scientists found that the harmful bacteria, sometimes called ‘Baconfly’ in the environment because they can be found in the carcasses of barnacles, spread by animals of prey such as sharks, dolphins, turtles, porpoises, seals and harbour seals and were also found in seaweed, fish and other small marine plants.

During the period they were studying it is thought there were more than 1000 harbour seals per square kilomgta5카지노etre (10 times the number found in the bay) and a high death rate.

The research is published in the journal Environment International.

South Wales Government chief executive Stephen Bannister said: ‘The study from the University of York shows the serious problems that plague the bay of islands, as well as the potentially deadly effects of the toxic algae on some sea birds and other marine mammals, is becoming more apparent year-on-year due to the increasing levels of pollutants and pollutants in the waters of the bay.

‘If we can save the harbour seals and great whites, we can make sure the world ha여주안마s an abundance of seafood, our health as a species and the environment remains beautiful.’

The decision of Government to close the bay of islands was prompted by an algal bloom, which is the by-product of the Bacillu