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Police seeking information about body found in tent at scene of murder in St

Police seeking information about body found in tent at scene of murder in St. Johns Co

Police believe a body has been found outside a St. Johns County tent city, near the scene of a murder

Police have charged 우리카지노a man in connection to a fatal murder Wednesday night, but it is unclear if the man will face charges.

The body had not been discovered and police would not confirm to Local 10 News the identity of the victim.

According to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Department, a witness who saw a man in black and gray in the area of a tent near Old Orchard Parkway and Green Road shortly before 7:30 p.m. Wednesday said a white man approached him. The witness said he ran away because he heard gunshots.

As the man approached the area, he said, he heard two gunshots. The witness described the man as white. Deputies told Local 10 News the man’s vehicle was seen running.

Officers responded and the victim, who was also in a white vehicle, was located nearby the tent in question. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The identity of the woman remains unknown.

Detectives have not released a description of the body. The victim has not been identified, but law enforcement officials have said that the female was found in the same tent in the vicinity of a death Wednesday night, just outside the tent city.

The woman is from St. Louis.

Authorities say their investigation began after a woman was shot Thursday at the trailer park off Green Road and Old Orchard Parkway.

Officers responded to the scene of the shooting and found the body of a woman’s body lying in a garbage bag near Old Orchard Park.

According to witnesses,우리카지노 a vehicle traveling west on Green road at Old Orchard Parkway turned into Green Road over the last mile.

Residents in the tent city have said they are terrified, and fear the city of St. Johns County has become a ghost town. It is estimated there are 700 people in the city, where the St. Johns County police department and Sheriff’s Office have all been contacted.

At 9:23 p.m. Wednesday night, a deputy told Local 10 News that there are about 80 officers and 10 units in the tent city. It is estimated that about 500 police and 14 SWAT officers are expected to be on the scene.

St. Johns County Police Chief Larry “Bigg” Lister declined to comment on the case on Thursday night.

St. Johns County police officers