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Father of backpacker calls on whatsapp to release messages from hikers who found body

Father of backpacker calls on whatsapp to release messages from hikers who found body


A backpacker who made a remarkable discovery about a body found on a river has called on Whatsapp to release messages from hikers who have found it.

Celia Tijman said she noticed the backpacker’s body near the river riverbank in the western French city of Brest when she looked up from her phone during the night and her phone began recording a series of “buddy conatyasastra.comnversations”.

“I had to go through my phone and I found a message from one of my friends, I don’t know if he is real or not, and it was him saying, I believe this is your first time and he did say’sorry, please take a picture’, it really scared me I felt scared,” Ms Tijman said.

She took screenshots of the conversation as she stood on the riverbank, a stream about 25 metres downstream from the body, in front of a church near the city’s cathedral.

At first Ms Tijman thought it was a tourist, she explained, but then it seemed more like a body being pulled off the river, not a stranger.

“It was surreal,” Ms Tijman said.

“The sound of somebody walking through that part of the river is like someone moving inside you. I remember snatyasastra.comitting with a couple of friends and someone saying: ‘I don’t think it’s that person.’

“We started walking back on, it was a different place at night.

“There were a couple of people from the river who were walking down with a young girl that said, we don’t know if this is a child, we don’t know what has happened and what’s happened to her. And they seemed very scared.”

She then posted the text message which she believes “the body was dragged into the river”.

That message was received by France’s police service and an officer was sent to 바카라the site.

The police did not take any action until Monday.

“The French authorities do not have an authority to search through private messages, but they’ve asked us to look at the body and take pictures,” Ms Tijman said.

The search took a long time, with officers having to drive for several hours after the body was pulled from the riverbank.

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