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Indias air force begins dropping supplies to flood-ravaged India for last year’s monsoon rains

Indias air force begins dropping supplies to flood-ravaged India for last year’s monsoon rains

Rescuers were battling to reach areas hit by the torrential rains in South Asia, the Indian air force said on Sunday, as thousands of people were still under water following the latest flood from floods in southern India.

An Indian air force crew has been on a search and rescue mission in the aftermath of the worst flood in two years in the southern state of Rajasthan for about 400 people who suffered loss of life after rising floodwaters killed at least 15 people in western parts of the state.

Indian military airmen flew in and out of the capital after flooding devastated parts of the state earlier in the week.

Residents from several rural areas have set up makeshift shelters in the villages they live in and in neighbouring Himachal Pradesh.

Bodies and wreckage lie in the water after heavy floods hit Uttar Pradesh on Saturday morning

A relative of the deceased from Hangu in Haryana’s Okhla district sits in front of a pile of rubble in the floo바카라d-hit Chidambaram district

A man with a lorry walks through dry mud near houses inundated by the torrential rains in Meerut, about 150 kilometres away from the border with Pakistan, on Sunday

A resident inspects her home after rising water inundated her house in Bjarvees.comikaner district, near the border with Pakistan on Saturday morning

Relatives and neighbours search the muddy riverbed to find their relatives who are reported missing, as they gather to look for survivors of the latest flood in India

Flood victims make their way to ambulances after the floods in Dandakaranya in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday morning

Emergency workers and rescue teams walk along a road on the outskirts of the city in Delhi after the flooding in the state

Indian army helicopters have carried out search and rescue operations and search and rescue teams are battling for survivors of the latest flood

Residents of Rajasthan take a break after the torrential rai바카라사이트ns hit the southern state on Saturday, as thousands died of thirst

Relatives carry dead bodies on stretchers after being helped from the debris of houses inundated by heavy rains in Meerut

A man searches for his belongings in an abandoned house hit by a flood that swept across Chidambaram district of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday

A relative of another man in the floods in Uttar Pradesh watches as rescue workers carry out search and rescue operations to search for other residents trapped under th

Woman remains in custody over alleged abduction

Woman remains in custody over alleged abduction

Gwen, a 29-year-old freelance video editor, was picked up from the motel by police about 3:40 p.m. Monday in the 300 block of W. Belmont St.

Police have declined to provide details of the investigation, but say someone called 911 about the suspected abduction of a woman. They say the woman did not know Gwen w우리카지노as there, but was still under arrest.

Gwen, who had been on a trip out of town with her boyfr바카라iend of eight months, remains in custody, with bail set at $5,000.

She and her boyfriend, Mark, 28, a construction worker from Portland, Oregon, were stopped for failing to show up for a court date, according to a statement from the Portland police.

Mark and Gwen argued that she couldn’t stay away from the boyfriend while she was working, police say. Gwen says she drove her boyfriend to and from work and he didn’t do much in Portland. Mark worked as a maintenance worker in the parking lot at the Motel 6, police say.

Officers say they spoke with a witness who said he saw Gwen driving westbound on Belmont Street while her boyfriend was in the passenger seat.

At the time, Gwen’s boyfriend told police he didn’t think she was driving and was in the middle of a city commute. He said it had been raining for several hours and that he didn’t care if she took a taxi home because he believed Gwen might run over 바카라him.

Police say a search of the motel turned up a woman’s purse, a cell phone and a black bag containing a laptop with no passwords on it. One other woman, Gwen’s passenger at the time of the alleged abduction, was taken into custody after police say she gave birth to a baby boy at the motel.

A detective and his partner also spent several hours working at a dumpster Tuesday morning searching for a missing woman who was last seen around 4:30 p.m. Sept. 7 in Southeast Portland.

Officers spotted Darlene “Dame” Johnson, 38, who had not been heard from since she left her home in the 1900 block of SW 4th Avenue, police say. Johnson had previously posted a Craigslist ad online for help finding her daughter, according to the statement from the Portland police.

Johnson is charged with kidnapping. The arrest warrant states she was last seen wearing dark clothing, including a red leotard and whit